For Realtors Only 


Inspection: (LEVEL II safety inspection) $189 per fireplace.


Our inspectors are F.I.R.E. Certified Chimney and Fireplace Inspectors.

This extensive certification process is the highest industry standard training.

No one in our group becomes an inspector without first having years of previous experience in building, repairing and maintaining chimneys and fireplaces to the highest standards.


  • Affordable

  • Professional

  • Reliable


With over 26 years of combined experience, we are able to offer a wealth of practical advice which can be translated into simple solutions for any problem chimneys.


This is why we have been considered by hundreds of Realtors to be

"the deal makers, not the deal breakers," when it comes to chimney inspections during escrow.


Because we are so in tune to the demands of Realtors we always find a way to provide this service as soon as the following day or two and in many cases that same day.


As a further commitment to immediate service, a written report is provided on site at the time of inspection with very few exceptions. Our 24-hour scheduling department frees up the inspector to concentrate on the inspection itself, preparing the report and effectively communicating the findings to all concerned. Additionally, an exact cost will be included with the safety inspection for any needed repairs.


This service for Realtors / Buyers / Sellers does not include a chimney cleaning.


If the cleaning is needed first in order to do a proper inspection during escrow this would have to be ordered separately by the seller.


We are based in Los Angeles County, California and our basic coverage area extends out 30 miles in all directions from Pasadena. We do inspections on Saturdays and Sundays (by special arrangements).

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